ISIT Academy

Through its Sustainable IT Academy, the INR wishes to offer a set of training projects aimed at the greatest number of people in order to train them in the challenges and best practices of Sustainable IT.

Sustainable IT MOOC

Faced with the climate emergency and the consequent environmental footprint of digital technology, and the imperative to rethink digital technology so that it carries more inclusive and ethical values for the women and men of our society, INR and its partners are proposing a MOOC on Sustainable IT to enable everyone to be informed and trained.

› Awareness MOOC (30min) › The whole MOOC NR

The Awareness Sustainable IT MOOC is a short training program allowing a first approach to Sustainable IT for everyone.

The complete Sustainable IT MOOC is the equivalent of 2 days of training. Composed of nearly 5 hours of video, texts and interactive contents, this MOOC allows you to deepen your knowledge to master all the basics of the Sustainable IT approach.

From today, discover these two modules in free access on our website.

Sustainable IT MOOC

14 modules make up this Sustainable IT MOOC. Follow step by step to progress and grasp all the environmental, ethical and inclusion issues. All these modules represent the equivalent of 2 days of training.

MOOC screenshot, part 1 Planet state

1. Why is this important? - State of the planet

MOOC screenshot, part 2 Digital technology impacts

2. Why is this important? - The impacts of digital technology

MOOC screenshot, part 3 The need for change

3. Why the need for change?

MOOC screenshot, part 4 Sustainable IT

4. Sustainable IT

MOOC screenshot, part 5 Act now - Introduction

5. Act now - Introduction

MOOC screenshot, part 6 Act now - Workstation

6. Act now - Workstation

MOOC screenshot, part 7 Act now - Printing System

7. Act now - The printing system

MOOC screenshot, part 8 Act now - The architecture

8. Act now - The architecture

MOOC screenshot, part 9 Act now - Data center, cloud

9. Act now - The Data center, cloud

MOOC screenshot, part 10 Act now - Digital Office Services

10. Act now - Digital and office services

MOOC screenshot, part 11 Act now - Conclusion

11. Act now - Conclusion

MOOC screenshot, part 12 General conclusion

12. General conclusion

MOOC screenshot, part 13 Glossary

13. Glossary

MOOC screenshot, part 14 The partners

14. Presentation of partners


Sustainable IT MOOC Partners

Here are the partners of the MOOC without whom its realization would not have been possible.

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Logo Société Générale
Logo La Rochelle Université
Logo Pole Emploi
Logo Ademe
Logo Cap Gemini
Logo Agglomération La Rochelle